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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 14, 2010 5:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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into that jetstream, into that gulfstream and picked up. going to rain in florida no question about that rain in the straits, the florida keys but paul paula will stay toward cuba and not work its way up into this. had it made its way up into this, that would have been another ingredient for that perfect storm we saw many, many years ago. so, here is the advice, stay tuned. >> thank you, chad, very much. time now for the situation room and wolf blitzer. take it away, wolf. don, thanks very much. happening now the next big step for those freed miners in chile, many of them could soon be leaving the hospital and beginning their new lives as international heroes. this hour, their health, their futures and the amazing stories of their ordeal underground. also, president obama just wrapping up right now a live tv event aimed at young voter. we are going to tell put mtv crowd threw him any boxers or
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brief types of questions. and foreclosures sky rocketing right now, even as we learn more about potentially criminal loan practices under investigation. i'm wolf blitzer. you're "the situation room." let's begin with what has just happened. president obama wrapping up a made for tv pitch to some of america's youngest voters. 19 days before the midterm election. the other town hall event that aired on several networks. bill clinton set the stage for the format back in the '90s when he appeared on mtv, got a famously intimate question. let's bring in our white house correspondent, dan lothian, who was monitoring what was going on. dan, was the president asked about boxers or briefs? >> that was not a question that the president received at this town hall meeting which by the way was sponsored by not only mtv but bet and cmt. there were some serious questions from these young people about immigration, about
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the economy extaxes, even sudan, but there was one pointed question from a young republican woman from austin, texas, who pressed the president on his pledge for more bipartisanship had. take a listen. >> how are you going to improve the dialogue among the two parties? >> when i ran, it was based on the notion that washington was broken. we were having arguments that had more to do with who would win an election than how we were gonna soft country's problems. and i continue to believe that that is holding us back. now, i will tell you that with respect to health care, we actually spent months trying to obtain cooperation from republicans to see if we could negotiate a common sense solution. this is not, by the way, something that i'm just making up. >> the president says that he hopes that after the midterm elections, that there will be more -- a greater spirit, rather, of bipartisanship,
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especially on some of these undone agenda items like education and energy. he hopes that both sides can really focus on things that they have in common instead of their differences. now, why did the president attend this event today? first of all, polling -- recent polling shows his popularity is slipping among young people this is the group that got him elected in 2008. a lot of frustration among this group. so the president trying to get them energized and geared up for the midterm elections. >> as you correctly point out, wasn't just mtv, it was bet and cmt, they co-sponsored this town hall event that just wrapped up. who picked the audience? how did that happen? >> wolf there was a bit of controversy with that because it was going around that there was a casting call, much like you would have for hollywood shows to get these seats filled. and in fact, what happened was that mtv sent out an invitation backstage, which is an online resource for actors and actresses and other performers, picked it up, put it on their website and put a title on it as
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a casting call when, in fact, mtv says there was no casting call. i can tell you that these young people were prescreened, according to officials over at mtv. they had to send in their name, a picture of themselves and even had had to show up for a face-to-face interview. 500 people were screened and they picked 250, wolf. >> all right, dan lothian over at the white house. his colleague, suzanne malveaux, a chance to speak with debra lee, the head of bet. that report coming up later this hour. let's move on to chile and the 33 most famous miners in the world right now. they are recovering be, readjusting to life outside their small, dark, underground prison. cnn's gary tuchman joining us live from chile with the latest. they are all freed. what an amazing story, gary, you helped bring to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. what's going on right now? >> reporter: it is a great story, wolf. and we still feel great about it the next day, one of the rare breaking news, hard news stories
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that is just a good news story, makes everyone feel great, particularly here in chile, where they are celebrating. all the mine hearse to go to the hospital, it was mandated and the very good news, more good news is that there are no major health problems with any of these miners. the most serious problem, one of the miners displayed a case of pneumonia. >> unfortunately, it looks like our signal with gary went down. we are going to definitely try to clean that up. maybe he is back. gary, are you there? >> do you hear me now, wolf? >> yes, i hear you. go ahead. we hear you and we see you. >> a-ha. okay. some of the people walked by our satellite dish and blocked the signal, we forgive them for it, so much happy innocence this country. no serious medical conditions what so of for the 33 miners. one has a small case of pneumonia we are being told. two having dental work done, no
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big surprise in the mine a long time, might need dental work and skin conditions, all from the chilean health minister. the biggest complaint, that mario accept pulled very dark the second miner pull out, please, don't treat me like a celebrity. i'm a normal man. >> the possibility any of these 33 will go become to work as a miner? i know that's what some of them are saying but what are you hearing? >> well, i would guess, just based on other mine stories we have covered, most of them have been bad stories that a lot of people will not go back that doesn't doesn't mean some won't go back. it is their life what they know, what they have done for generation all over the world, father, grandfathers, great grandfathers, the chilean government made it clear they will provide for the miners, took care of them for ten weeks. the horn you heard honking, a good shot, show it to you, wolf,
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these are celebrating family members. we are at camp pope right now. that is what i was saying at the beginning of this live report, people are celebrating all over the country, but the chilean government says they will provide for these miners financially, medically, psychologically. will any of them go back? we have to wait and see. gary tuchman did an outstanding job, still on the ground with us and we will check back with him. gary, thanks very much. i want to also alert our viewers that the health minister of chile will have a briefing at the top of the hour on the condition of these 33 miners. we will, of course, have coverage for you on that don't go too far away w so many of us have been riveted to the mooirns' story, especially over the past 48 hours as they finally saw daylight again. our own brian todd went over to the news seem here in washington with to check out the coverage from around the world.
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>> reporter: we dealt with the feeds and rescues taking place and miners out of the capsule, but another cool layer was the newspaper coverage and the pictures in time they captured. look that the one, "the charlotte observer," embracing his wife after he got out, range from a menagerie of pictures and head loins to something simple and compelling. look at this one from "the oregonian", the snapshot, relatives of one of the moo miners and their face as he gets out, really, a great picture, a moment in time and check out this one, you know, again, a real range of the way they handled this in the newspapers, but this one from the "virginian pilot" simple headline, big bold letters, another great picture, same guy, rojas, just as he gets out of the capsule, kneeling and praying. great sampling of some of the headlines here, wolf. >> brian, thanks very much. i want to have this programming
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note for our viewers, the story that really captured the world's attention, you can relieve the entire drama in an "ac 360" special, country down to rescue, air tomorrow night here on cnn at 10 p.m. eastern, 7 pacific. once again, tomorrow night. nancy pelosi and the med term elections are on jack cafferty's mind this hour. jack is joining us with the cafferty file. jack? >> house speaker nancy pelosi could wind up doing in her own party in the midterm elections. jonathan allen writing for politico, how pelosi, even more so than president obama, could be the heaviest drag on the democrats' hopes of holding onto the house come november. all around the country, republicans are using pelosi's image on billboards and mailers and in video clips to encourage voters not support the democratic candidate. in florida, billboards show one democrat as a marionette with pelosi as you the puppet tear. the national republican congressional committee is airing anti-pelosi ads in dozens
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of congressional districts that show how often a democratic lawmaker has voted with nancy pelosi. mired term elections are usually seen as a referendum on the president, but alan writes -- the strategy of demonizing nancy pelosi didn't work for the republicans in the last two elections but this time around, just might. he says the vitriol against pelosi is similar to what was shown against newt gingrich. democrats feeling the pressure, too. several have said they will not vote for pelosi as speaker in the next congress. of course, that's depending on whether they keep control of the house or not. other democrats insist the gop's pouncing on nancy pelosi because she has been so successful, passing legislation like health care and wall street reform. anyway, here is the question, how much might house speaker nancy pelosi hurt the democrats
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in the midterm elections? go to, post a comment on my blog. >> jack cafferty, thanks very much. president obama is admitting to a mistake that could have a big impact on the economy and jobs. we will let you know what he is saying. also is senator barbara boxer lockstep with the president she is in standing by to talk to us about her re-election campaign. chasing down a tea party favorite. you will find out why it was so tough for our own jessica yell ton catch one gop senate candidate sharron angle in nevada. it pays to switch, it pays to discover.
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the president and michelle to obama are planning a one/two punch to try to help senator barbara boxer get relooked. they are scheduled to make campaign appearances for the california democrat this month. senator boxer is facing a tough challenge from republican business woman, carly fiorina. the latest reuters poll, by the way, shows senator boxer leading by only four points. i spoke with carly fiorina earlier in the week. let's speak to senator boxer right now. she is joining us from california. thanks very much, senator, for coming in. thanks for the invitation, wolf. >> some democrats don't want the president to come into their states or districts to campaign for them but you want the president there, right? >> the president and the first lady are very popular in california. californians understand this president inherited the worst
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recession since the great depression. they are rooting for us all to get this country back on track. >> is there any issue that comes to mind that you disagree with the president on right now? >> yes. in afghanistan, i am supportive of legislation that would say let's get an exit strategy in writing so that we know we are really moving to bring those troops home. you know, i do believe a nation helping, not nation building. we have to rebuild our own nation. so i think on that, there's a bit of a difference. >> what about on domestic issues like economic issues, job creation, health care, do you disagree with him on any of those things? >> well, i did push harder when we did the economic recovery act for some more infrastructure dollars, so i pushed very hard for that and we did compromise on that i would have liked to have seen more of that. but i think the president is right when he says let's stop giving tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas, give them to companies that create jobs here at home.
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so, there's a lot of agreement and a few polices of disagreement. >> your to opponent that i interviewed earlier, carly fiorina, says basically this charge about you, you have heard it directly, their simply a career politician who has no experience in the real world creating jobs. i will play this little clip what she told me. >> sure. >> where has barbara boxer been? for the last six years, the last 12 years, the last 18 years, the last 28 years she has been in washington, d.c., where has is she been? she has been voting for more taxes, voting for more borough and spending. >> all right. your chance to respond to her. well, she is just wrong on that i voted for over $2 trillion in tax cuts, the largest one was in the stimulus bill, but i have to say, she talks about 12 years. lock, i was there in 1992 and i support bill clinton and we know that in that period of time, those budgets that i voted for and those economic policies
5:17 pm
created 23 million jobs, the best in modern history. that's the fact. and we not only balanced the budget, we created surpluses. then you had george w. come in, bush, george w. bush come in, and in about, you know, a few minutes, it felt like, we saw those surpluses disappear, a horrible record of job creation, the worse since the great depression, only a million new jobs and at the end of the bush term, 700,000 jobs a month bleeding. so she is just wrong. and you know, she acts as if i didn't get -- i got elected. wolf, i got elected all those times and am hoping to get elected this time. >> you say you supported $2 trillion in tax cuts during -- >> tax cuts. yes, i have -- during my career. >> during your career? i thought you said during the stimulus. >> no, no 1.2 -- 1.2 trillion with the stimulus. >> there was 1.2 trillion in tax
5:18 pm
cuts in the stimulus? >> there was a lot -- i will put it this way, over time, that's what it will be, when you figure all the tax cuts over time. and what we did for the -- for the senior citizens, giving them become those refunds. so there was a lot. actually a third of the stim was direct tax cuts. >> that would be maybe 2 or $300 million. not talking about trillions. >> so let me say this, a third of the stim and over my time, let me correct it you are right, thank you, 2.2 trillion i voted in tax cuts, 1.2 trillion of which became law. a third of the stim was tax cuts and it was considered the biggest tax cut in history over a couple year period. >> let's get into some other issue, including the issue of abortion rights for women. in this same interview i had with carly fiorina, she made this point about you. listen to this. >> well, i personally am pro-life. and i know that not all women
5:19 pm
agree with me, but it is barbara box here is extreme in her views here. she spores partial-birth abortions, she says babies don't have rights until they leave hospitals. >> is that true? >> no. it is not true. here's the thing that's so interesting. wolf, roe v wade, which decriminalized abortion in the early stages of a pregnancy that passed the supreme court in 1973. my opponent wants to overturn roe v wade, making women and doctors criminals. she raised the issue. she already has the right to life group in here sending mailers against me. she has got the susan b. anthony group doing that she has distorted my position. i voted for the feinstein amendment which says no late-term abortions whatsoever except for the health of the mother. i'm a mother, i'm a grandmother. listen, i have got to say, she has raised the issue by being so extreme that we went become to look at every senator whoever represented the state of
5:20 pm
california, republican or democratic. and for decades, everyone has been pro-choice. she would -- she would come in there saying she wants to repeal roe v wade. it's an extraordinary difference between the two of us. >> on the issue of guy marriage, you support gay marriage, right? >> yes. i do. >> she supports civil unions. on the issue of legallyizing marijuana, that is a big issue in california right now, is on the ballot, where do you stand? >> i support california's current law, i do not support legalizing the marijuana so i'm against that initiative. >> but do you support the current law in the sense for medical purposes, people can get prescriptions to use marijuana? >> i do i do i do. and that was voted and i might say that was voted on by the people. >> what is your biggest problem with carly fiorina? what is the single biggest difference that you have with her on a substantive issue? >> she's running on her record at hewlett-packard. she doesn't tell people she was fired from that job. she doesn't tell people she laid
5:21 pm
off 30,000 workers and she shipped american jobs abroad to china to india. she was proud to stamp made in china, made in india and i want to see the words made in america again. >> she makes the point -- >> i think that's are the biggest difference. >> what she told met other day, she says the six years she was the head of hewlett-packard, when she came in, there was x-number of jobs there were more jobs she he created when she left even though there was a down period during the dot com bubble and she had to lay off some people but more people were working there when she left than when she started. >> she created jobs in china instead of chino and chico. she created jobs in india instead of indio, california. she created jobs but not in america. and she said she would do it all over again and she said there's no god-given right to a job in america anymore and she doesn't have the heart for these times we are going through, so i think that is biggest difference, but
5:22 pm
there's all rights of others too. >> this campaign will continue for another two and a half weeks. senator boxer, thanks very much for coming in. >> thanks, wolf. we are monitoring some other top story, including a major development in the military's controversial don't ask, don't tell policy. the federal government has just taken new action. plus, the drugstore, cvs, now admitting to illegally selling a chemical used to make meth an fete means, the details coming up. sears days. lowest prices start friday
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fredricks whitfield is monitoring some of the other top stories "the situation room" right now, including a major fine for cvs pharmacy. fred what is going on? >> that is right, very big, wolf. cvs has admitted to illegally
5:26 pm
distributing a chemical in some cold medicines used to make the drug, methamphetamine. as part of an agreement with federal prosecutors, the company will pay $75 million in civil penalties. it will also forfeit the $2.6 million in profits earned as a result of the illegal sales. cvs is the biggest operator of retail pharmacist in the united states. and the u.s. justice department is appealing a federal court ruling that struck down the military's controversial don't ask, don't tell policy. the government says the emergency stay it is requesting would allow for an orderly transition to a new policy where gay men and women could serve openly. president obama says the current law is discriminatory but says congress, not the courts, should change the policy. and eight nato troops are dead following a string of insurgent attacks across afghanistan. this brings the total number of foreign troops death there to 14 in the past two days alone. the violence comes as a new cnn
5:27 pm
opinion research corporation poll reveals that 58% of americans now oppose the u.s. war in afghanistan while only 37% support it. and if your kids are graduating from college soon, you may not want to turn their room into a den just yet. a knew pew research center poll shows a wong 85% of people who graduated from college in may actually plan to move become home much the number of boomer rangers, as they are being called is up, why? so many college grads simply can't find a job, wolf. >> boomer rangers, i haven't heard that word before.angers, d that word before. >> beamer rangers, you talk them out and coming back. >> i like the pear? >> you do? just four. >> frederica built field, don't go far away. in nevada, sharron angle has a shot bringing down the top senate democrat. why was she trying tie void our
5:28 pm
own jessica yellin? what was going on? advice for president obama winning back support from african-american voters, some who feel frustrated and let down. what's this option? that's new.
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this just coming into the situation room. the president of chile saying the remarkable miner rescue cost between $10 million and $20 million but he says every single penny was worth it. he visited with the 33 men, all in the hospital today. we are told they are all together in one room and in good health, considering certainly what they went through. the hospital official says three miners are being released today. many more will be sent home tomorrow. he spoke just a short while ago about their physical and mental health. >> the psychological state of people is something you cannot foresee. we know that they were subject to great stress for two months so we are not going to see immediately what problems may develop from that.
5:32 pm
>> learning more about their life underground at the same time before their emotional rescue. among other things it turns out some miners wanted to send more than one note to let the world know they were alive, including some asking for food, but they finally agreed to stick with their original plan to send one note, an example of how they managed to work together under these extremely difficult conditions. much more to on this day the first day of their total freedom coming up later in the situation room. we have got more information. back live to chile as well. other news we are following now, political news in nevada tonight, a one time political convenient r the senate majority leader harry reid debates his republican owe pon net, the tea party movement favorite, sharron angle. polls show the two are in a close battle and angle just might topple the top senate democrat. our national correspondent jessica yellin is in las vegas right now. she had a spans chance to speak with both of the candidates over the past few hours. tell us about this opportunity
5:33 pm
you had to catch up, literally, with sharron angle. tell us how that worked out. >> reporter: this is probably the most ferociously competitive senate race in the nation with the camp pins and money here on overdrive and still, the republican candidate for u.s. senate here, sharron angle, is very hard to come by. she is publicly said she does not like speaking to the press, tries not to whenever she can, so we weren't able to get an interview with her. instead, we got a tip that she would be speaking, it was actually yesterday, she would be speaking at an event we went there stood in public view, in front of the event for more than an hour. finally, a car with her in it pulled up and when we saw it we started walking to the car, openly, calmly and then they hit the gas and took off. our cameraman saw the car pull away about a block and hide behind some bushes. before we knew it one of her campaign aides approaches us back at the site and says, hairk the candidate is running late, she will be here in a little bit and the next thing we know, she
5:34 pm
has entered inside through another door. it was the most hide and go seek unusual scenario i have ever experienced as a political reporter trying to find a candidate. but they did eventually say, look, we know you are not leaving and we will let you speak with her. so, we did get a chance to ask her a couple quick questions, one of the questions i have asked wolf is something we have covered on cnn, her claim, sharron angle, the republican senate candidates for claim there is sharia law, religious fundamental islamic law practiced in two cities in the united states. i asked her where's her proof? >> all i had was just some articles that i read that there were some things that were happening that indicated that there might be something like that going on. i'm not, of course, an expert in what goes on in any municipality but certainly, i believe in the freedom of religion. and none should be persecuted for their religion. >> what would your remedy be if
5:35 pm
you believe there is sharia law? >> i'm not prepared to go into hypotheticals with you. that is my statement on what we were talking about that day, certainly, it is not a widespread problem. >> i know they have a big debit today but you also caught one harry reid. what's he saying? >> reporter: well, wolf, he is, first of all, defending his record on the economy, as you know, this state has the highest unemployment rate in the nation and he will certainly be asked many questions about his work on behalf of nevada voters but also he will try to attack sharon angle for comment like those she made to us. his argument she is too extreme, in his view, his words, she has wild views and gave examples to me when i spoke to him as well. >> not for days, weeks, not for months but for years and she has been very proud of how she has talked about getting rid of the department of education, the department of energy, privatizing the veterans
5:36 pm
administration. she thinks presidential program clags nations that is executive orders are unconstitutional, like the emancipation proclamation. >> all eyes will be on this race this debate tonight. both sides say their standard for success is no major gaffes. >> you didn't have to play hide and go seek with harry reid, did you? >> i did not. they scheduled an interview. >> jessica yellin in las vegas for us. president obama is admitting to making a mistake that could cost him big time with big business. we will talk about where he says he may have gone wrong. and the flash points from the delaware senate debate, democrat chris coons dealt with the senate majority leader, calling him pet. >> so, ah, your seat good?
5:37 pm
got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful.
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umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. now the race for delaware senate seat, one of the hottest in the country right now. last night at a debate i co-moderated at the university of dell wake the democratic candidate, chris coops, and the republican candidate, the tea party favorite, christine o'donnell, they faced off. here is how the candidates addressed the issue of ending partisanship in washington. >> i would like my party to be here on this stage to went nomination and to some extents, i am still might fighting my party. so my -- when guy to washington, my allegiance will be to the
5:40 pm
voters of delaware, not any special interests. my whole campaign has been about returning the political process back to the people of delaware and to me, that's great thing. so, what i would do is i would stand strong on legislation that benefits the interests of our citizens, not the special interests in washington, d.c. >> on this specific issue and ms. o'donnell raised it earlier, i will give you a chance to explain, says harry reid, the senate majority leader, has called his pet. >> i don't know why harry reid said that i'm nobody's pet. i'm going to be a bulldog for delaware. i'm running to represent all delaware yans, of every party, not just the democrats. i have a significant amount of support from independent he is, frommens, from democrats, from all three countries. i have a record of independence and fighting for the public interest as county executive and i would continue that in washington. >> let's talk about this debate with our senior political analyst, gloria borger, she was
5:41 pm
there at the university of delaware with me last night a good substantive 90-minute debate. >> it was fun. >> did you think there was a clear win, a clear loser? >> you know, in the end, it probably didn't change many people's minds, wolf. i don't know what you think sitting there around the table, but i think that she had some trouble on substance. he could not hide his disdain for her as a candidate. and i think that could cause him a bill lithe bill bit of problem with women. what we saw in that clip now, both going after those independent voters. i don't know how many time chris coons used the term independent, but it is clear they understand that there is a group of voters up for grabs, but when off 19-point differential, as there is right now it is a very heavy lift. >> only two and a half weeks. >> for her to make up. she really had to hit it out of the park, she was quite aggressive in going after him, but i don't think that she could make up that kind of deficit with that kind of performance. >> we pushed for specifics. >> you did. >> on several key issues.
5:42 pm
we got some. but do the voters really care about that kind of stuff, you think? >> well, i think they do care about specifics right now she, for example, you asked her, if i recall, about the deficit. and you said to her, okay, let's not talk about waste, fraud and abuse, let's talk about how reduce the deficit. what did she say? >> she gave me examples and then went to waste, fraud and abuse. >> she wasn't as specific as she probably should have been. when you asked foreign policy questions, there was a bit of a problem. on the other hand, he had the problem big a he has raised taxes as county executive in newcast newcastle. so i think people are listening but right now two candidate these don't know well. when saw he was sort of dismiss sive and haughty, some thought he was arrogant and might turn off women voter, some thought that happened to al gore, as you remember, during his debate. >> exactly. >> but elaborate a little bit
5:43 pm
you why think so. >> i don't know if you felt at the table but a couple of times you asked some questions and he said i don't even know what the question was from her answer our clearly don't understand aaa bonds, right? so i think he let her get under his skin. did you sense that there? did you feel anning an he? >> he takes her seriously because he knows she beat mike cast until that republican primary, mike castle didn't attack her as directly as he does. he is running, even know 19 points ahead, i suspect he is running as if he thinks it is tied. >> let me ask you, i know you guys spent a lot of time on the questions, how did you sort of figure out whether to ask the question about the ad, the witch ad versus foreign policy? we wanted to get through the substantive issues, most important issues, job issues, national security but couldn't ignore some of those other issues as well with, we thought long and hard. >> you followed on that
5:44 pm
evolution question which i also think was quite important. >> i wanted her to clarify, she didn't exactly clarify on that point. shchblt did he not. >> we followed up with the pet question to him as well, why harry reid calls him my favorite pet. >> he didn't have an answer. maybe you should ask harry reid. >> gloria, thanks very much. standing by, by the way to hear live from sarah palin, all right gop star reveal whether she plans to run for president in 2012? she is getting ready to deliver a speech. and the world witness third dramatic return to the world. now new revelations about some of the personal lives of the chilean miners. ♪ uh oh. sorry, son. you still have too many of 'em. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's new charmin ultra strong.
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5:47 pm
president obama speaking candidly about his last two years, nearly two years in the white house. he is acknowledging there have been lessoned learned an mistakes made. an interview with the "new york times" magazine comes as the white house is struggling right now to assure wall street executives that the president is not against big business. let's talk about all of this and more with our senior political analyst david gergen, joining us from his office at harvard university in cambridge. david, thanks very much. let me read to you from the article peter baker writes in this coming sunday's "new york times" magazine. obama told me he had no regret about the broad direction of his presidency but he did identify what he called tactical lessons. he let himself look too much
5:48 pm
like the same old tax and spend liberal democrat. he realized too late that there's no such thing as shovel-ready projects when it comes to public works. he is trying to deal with big business at the same time but i take it he is having some serious problems reassuring them that he is on their side. >> he is having very big problems with that, wolf. i have had the opportunity the last few weeks to meet with a number of ceos, a number of business groups, many fields, wall street yesterday and others and i can tell you that the kind of disappointment that people felt early on has turned to alienation and it has hardened, the attitudes of business have hardened. i think i have had four or five major ceos in a row speaking almost in identical language about how alienate they had feel. they think he hates them. they think he doesn't understand their world. that he and some of the other people around him think the
5:49 pm
world works one way and they, in wall street and elsewhere, think it works another way and they can't persuade them. it is not a question of disagreeing over tactics, they disagree over broad directions. >> they say the white house, accord to this article by peter baker, trying to do obama 2.0 now. how does he restore that relationship with big business? >> well, one hopeful sign is, wolf, several sources have told me that the president has had at least two and maybe more individual high-level from the business community come in and meet with him one-on-one, nobody else around, for searching conversations. they have been very quiet, secretive meet eggs and the i'm told in there, he is asking, where do you think i have gone right? where do you think i have gone wrong. help me think this through. what should we do? that is a hopeful sign that is a president who is trying to you know, sort of figure out how do i get this better in the next two years? but i must tell you there is a feeling among some major ceos that he is a little lost, that he came in and was -- he was
5:50 pm
inexperienced, he wasn't quite sure how the world worked, he tried some things that he thought as many young people do you can do everything, you know, you can do anything you want and he tried, had had this hugely ambitious agenda. he got himself offcourse, now he has got an economy in a mess an >> thank you. >> foreclosures are rising to record levels right now, and growing fear that a second mortgage debacle may be in the works. [ wind howling ]
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
let's check in with jack with the cafferty file. jack? >> the question this hour is how much might speaker nancy pelosi hurt the democrats in the midterm elections? i think she will significantly hurt the democrats in the midterm. i live in the san francisco bay area and i know how liberal and divisive she is as a politician. the democratic party made a mistake to have the most liberal politician from the most left-leaning city in the liberal california to be their speaker of the house. jacques writes that pelosi is the face of the enemy for the republicans in this cycle the same way that bush was the face of the enemy for the democrats
5:54 pm
in the last cycle. she an easy tart, and politicians love easy targets. and easier to do the guilt by association thing, than, you know, to actually discuss the real issues. steve in california, i'm a registered democrat, but pelosi is the problem. she hijacked the president's guidance and policy direction which resulted in the nationwide disdain for incumbents and gave the tea party legs. sherry in indiana, how could she make it worse? silly to blame pelosi for what the democrats as a group have done as a country. she did not do it alone, and she may have led the lambs to slaughter, but if they weren't sheep, they would not have followed. the dems ignored the constituents and time to pay the piper. mike says, does anybody notice the qualities that helps somebody become speaker makes imt it impossible for somebody to be speaker. think newt. pelosi is from the same mold. and this one from delaware,
5:55 pm
every time i look at your comments you have something derogatory to say about obama and the democrats, but meanwhile, you have the bat crazy lunatics over in the republican tea party saying all kinds of idiotic crap, and why don't you rag on them too much? is the fox noise channel paying you under the table. and this one, holy moly, jack, if the democrats want to scare people in return, they could put john bay for toehneboehner's ph billboards to make people remember why they don't want to vote for republicans. and nancy and harry will put the cap and trade on their own party. if you want to read more, you will find it on my blog at >> jack, thank you. president obama is trying to make amends with african-american voters and getting advice on what he needs to do.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
white house correspondent suzanne malveaux has more on president obama's town hall meeting today with youth voters. suzanne? >> hey, wolf. the president's town hall is aimed to recapture two critical groups african-americans and young voters. i had an opportunity to sit down and talk to the ceo of bet to see what motivates black voters to go to the polls. >> reporter: does it seem late
5:59 pm
to get young black voters involved in paying attention to the midterm elections? >> i hope not too late. i think that bet played a major role in helping to get the youth out vote in the last presidential election. i know some people are disillusioned and i hope we can motivate folks to get out and vote, again. >> reporter: candidate obama motivated 65% of black voters to go to the polls in 2008 and 2 million more than the previous presidential election. the white house is hoping that even a modest uptick of blacks at the polls could save some democratic seats. two years ago an overwhelming 96% of blacks voted for obama, but does he still enjoy that same support today? >> reporter: your audience, they are frustrated from the president and want to see more from him? >> well, there is a sense of frustration and it was captured very well by the african-american woman who spoke at his last town hall. >> i am exhausted. i am exhausted of defending you, and defending your
6:00 pm
administration, defending the mantle of change that i voted for and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. >> reporter: what are you hearing from them, the social ills or the frustrations that particularly young black people who watch bet and what they are experiencing? >> well, i think they the biggest issue right now is jobs. >> reporter: a staggering 41% of black teenagers are unemployed. lee says that the ceo of a major corporation, she also wants to see the obama administration do more for big business. >> i was excited very early on that this administration was reaching out to business leaders and especially myself as an african-american woman, and really trying to listen to what the issues are. i think that this disconnect is how do you listen and understand the issues and take it to solutions. >> reporter: what does he need to understand better? >> how business works. >> reporter: while president obama will highlight the accomplishments over the last
6:01 pm
two years, namely health care and as well as trying to get the economic recovery going, he is going to make the case here that people need to go out to support the democrats in the midterm elections in order to help see the agenda through. wolf? >> suzanne malveaux, thank you. and you are in "the situation room." happening now, the world shared in the joy of the rescue, and now these 33 miners recover from their ordeals, and there's also new concerns though about what the future may hold. we have revelations of mistresses and the lure of fame and fortune and what is next for some of the men? stand by with new information coming in now. also, an army whistle-blower who says he was beaten black and blue by rogue soldiers accused of killing afghan civilians and now his interview with cnn canceled at the very last minute. is the army clamping down on this explosive case? and she has set a new record for the most expensive g gubernatorial campaign in california and how much more of
6:02 pm
her personal fortune is meg whitman willing to spend? i will ask her this hour. we want to welcome viewers from the united states, and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, and you are in i'm wolf blitzer, and you are in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- it is nearing dusk in copiapo, chile, and some of the miners who were trapped so long are about to see the first sunset since august. they are doing remarkably well given what they have been through, and we have learned that three of them are being released from the hospital today. lawrence mcginty of itn has the latest. >> reporter: you can't blame the medics for being cautious, but the wheelchairs hardly seem necessary, and 12 hours after the last miner came to the local hospital, the medical checks were found to find them all in remarkably good health and so much so that doctors are talking about discharging them early. >> translator: the three miners are going to be released from
6:03 pm
the hospital today. tomorrow, friday, probably many more miners are going to be released. >> reporter: there are some medical problems. jose vidal has diabetes and kidney problems, but he had them before. jorge galleguillos had high blood pressure, but they had that before. what they didn't have before is media attention and celebrity and fame. >> in some sense, they are gaining celebrity status, and that is difficult to cope with, but it is a different stress than dealing with trauma, so they have two strands of adjustment that they have so make. and they have a lot of support for both of those. they have media training, and psychologists at hand. >> reporter: the visit from the president today is anything to go by, thigh looked at home with the media pressure.
6:04 pm
lawrence mcginty of itn news. we are learning more about the miners' ordeal beginning with the collapse that triggered it two months ago in early august when it happened. listen to this interview from richard villaroel from the hospital bed. >> translator: how did it sound when the rock fell? >> well, the whole mountain was moving. the ground, the ceiling, everything. it is almost like something was explodin exploding. our boss told us every day, you have to be strong. if they find us, they find it. if not, not. because, it was at times we thought there was no hope. so, we just had to encourage each other and praying. i had never prayed in my life, and i learned the pray. >> translator: were you afraid to die down there? >> translator: yeah.
6:05 pm
that's what we were expecting, because, you know, we were really thin, and we weren't eating anything. i had lost about 12 kilos. i was really concerned that i wouldn't get to meet my child. i'd like to thank god and all of the people that made our rescue possible. >> i feel happy that rescue was possible. and they say that the miner saga is a wakeup call for worker safety, and he is now promising, and i am quoting him now, radical change. >> translator: the main wealth in our country is not copper, it is our miners. it is not our natural resource, it is the chileans, and therefore, workers have to be treated as people and i assure you that a respectful and safe treatment that will give our
6:06 pm
workers safety will enable our companies to be more productive, more efficient. this is going to be a radical change, a very important change, because the lesson that we have learned at the san jose mine is something that we will never forget. >> let's go live to scene right now, and gary tuchman has been reporting for us, and let's talk to gary. gary, the transparency is amazing what we have seen from the government, the authorities there, and i assume it is going to continue, and we will have even more access to these 33 miners in the coming days? >> well, that is what is amazing about this, wolf. the transparency and everything that we have seen, the video and not only close up as the miners came out of the hole, but the video and the audio, half a mile below the earth. that is something we have never seen before, and the video and the aid owe and the udio in the they set up between the miners and the families, and we are here at camp hope which was a tent city of more than 2,000
6:07 pm
people of family and friends and reporters now being dismantled. the families don't want to be here, and we miss them more than they miss us. this was the gate to the rescue site, and the gate where the workers came in everyday to the mine is now closed and no operations taking place here anymore and it is unlikely according to the government officials that this copper and gold mine will reopen again. this is the work of the tent that was here before and those are the tent where is the family members lived and these are media tents and the media is tearing down the tents, also. it is a different atmosphere here, and this is what the family and friends dreamed of and hope that the loved ones will be rescue and indeed all 33 rescued, and you as heard, no medical problems, and a some releases taken place today and some tomorrow, and all will be released very soon, because any medical ailments are minor ones. wolf? >> it is amazing when you think about it. but during the course of those 2
6:08 pm
1/2 months, they were bringing down not only food and water, but medicine as well and clearly gary it paid off enormously, and who would have thought that only minor ailments after this ordeal. >> reporter: that is amazing, because in the first 17 days no one knew the men were a live and the men thought they everybody had given up on them and what they went through mentally and physically and emotionally and then over the last 60 days, they were the most carefully watched men on earth. the vitamins and the food, and the good health is not a surprise to many people, because they have been carefully observed. >> gary, the rescue workers who went down there to bring these guys out of there, they are all, the 33 plus the five or six rescuers, everyone is out, and is that mine shutdown and over for the mine or are they still going to go down there from time
6:09 pm
to time? >> reporter: right that actual tunnel is going to be sealed forever. there was a collapse, and that is what happens in a diamond and gold and copper mine collapses. as far as this entire complex, this mine is in an area of the northern chilean desert and important part of the economy here, but the government officials are telling us it is unlikely that it will reopen. not definite, but unlikely it will be reopened. but i will tell you, wolf, a lot of omines in the region and it is a big part of the region's economy and the other mines will be open, and that is what they said when they came up, they want more safety here, and we will if that happens here in u.s. >> we will stay in touch with gary tuchman on the scene with us doing an outstanding job with all of the cnn reporters and personnel and producers and we appreciate it very much. for some of the miners after the res kushgs life is proving much more complicated on many levels.
6:10 pm
brian todd is working this part of the story for us. what are some of the issues that these men are now facing? >> well, wolf, we know sudden and overwhelming fame, attention that could be very difficult to deal with and in some cases the miner's personal lives which were complicated before all of this happened, just got a lot more so. >> reporter: his first glimpse of fresh air and freedom in more than two months as chilean miner johnny barrios looks around to see who will greet him. from behind a woman comes to embrace him and kiss him and cry on his shoulder, and not the wife, but the mistress he lives with. he may not be the only one in this situation, because there are several published reports saying that the rescue operation brought together not just families, but the awkward mix of wives and mistresses and one report said that one miner had repeated claims from four women. i spoke about that dynamic with lisa van susturn, a psychologist
6:11 pm
how difficult is this for wives and girlfriends finding out about each other for the first time and then the added pressure. >> well, these guys went down in the mine with their faults and flaws just like everybody else, but came out of to mine with the cleat-like faumt faults, and everything they do will be broadcast and everybody will see it, because the whole world is interested in them. >> reporter: another complication is money. these miners are expected to be offered book deals and movie deals and gifts that can add problems for them and the people around them. >> that could add fire, because reason for people to hang around them, because something beautiful and fantastic and easy will come in the future of their lives because of the money and the fame. the danger is, of course, is that this is not a solution and only exacerbate pre-existing problems.
6:12 pm
>> van sus tern says that it is the new expectations that make it a tough problem for the minlers with other women in their lives. they have wives with their own expectation for the future and the girlfriends competing for the money and that is as combustible of a mix you can get, wolf. >> a lot of people are focusing in on that part of the story. this is a story that certainly captured the world's attention and you can relive the entire drama on an ac360 special entitled "countdowncrescue" tomorrow night only on cnn. how is the economy leading to declining expectations. jack cafferty is here that. >> so much for the american dream, maybe. a new poll shows that a majority of the americans are pessimistic about their children's future and more than half of those polled in a bloomberg survey say they are not confident or only somewhat confident that their
6:13 pm
kids will have a better life than they did. it is a shocking statistic really for a very long time, as long as anybody can remember in this country, each succeeding generation has the expectation that the next generation will have a better life, easier, more successful life than their own. but this huge recession, economic downturn may have brought all of that to a screeching halt. one 65-year-old retiree in massachusetts says that the three grown children, quote, i don't think they have a chance, adding that he is angry at what is going on in the country. flurl ti plural tis of people in the survey say they don't expect to have enough money in retirement, and continue working to make up the difference and 85% have taken steps to cut costs from using cutting coupons and cutting cable tv -- don't get silly -- and internet services and putting off major services. there is a survey of top economists forecasting growth
6:14 pm
for this year and next. they expect the gdp to be a paltry 3.6%, down from the 4.2%. and they have lowered the outlook for consumer spending which headed into the holiday season is not good news either. this is an economy driven by the consumer, and if they cut back because they have to, well, the results are obvious. here is the question. how do you think that your children's lives will compare to your own? go to, and post a comment on my blog. >> jack, thank you. jack cafferty will be back. troubling new numbers coming in and sparkling trouble about the foreclosure process here in the united states and the fallout for the already struggling economy. and sarah palin is speaking live this hour in san jose, california, and she is taking questions and we are monitoring the speech. in pursuit of this goal, lexus developed the world's most advanced driving simulator, where a real driver in a real car
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6:17 pm
there are new very, very disturbing signs of the depth of the foreclosure crisis in the united states. a new report says that in the third quarter of this year alone, in the third quarter, 930,000 homes, and nearly 1 million homes received a foreclosure notice which is up 4% from the previous quarter. cnn's mary snow is working this story for us. this is enormous concern about what is going on, mary. tell our viewers what you are learning. >> well, wolf, besides the foreclosure rate, there are other worries and those are about bank's foreclosure
6:18 pm
practices and those worries a growing. concerns about the impact of the mortgage mess were clearly visible on wall street. take a look at the stocks from major banks, and they all slid, this, because there is uncertainty about the fallout on the banks and the overall housing market which is heightened after the attorneys generals in 50 states yesterday announced they are investigating improper foreclosures. the heart of the problem is that the people rubber stamping foreclosures and signing documents without understanding or sometimes reading what they were signing, and it has come out in depositions. now, in one case, an employee at litton loan servicing which is connected to goldman sachs was asked about an affidavit in the state where her company is based and she said i don't know the ins and outs of the loans and i'm not a loan officer. those were her words and the company did not comment on this particular case, but it said that it is suspending foreclosure proceedings while it reviews procedures.
6:19 pm
one attorney in florida said he is reviewing thousands of documents after seeing that the foreclosure documents were signed far from where the clients lived. >> you have somebody swearing under oath they are the records custodian responsible for the records and the collection of particular debt, but it is not, and maybe it is somebody who is a beautician who was hired to sit at a desk and sign these documents one after another, and that is false, that is lie. >> reporter: but the question is, were people wrongly thrown out of their homes, because of the defective foreclosures? that we have not seen evidence of yet. now, some of the bigger banks have come out to say, while they are reviewing these documents, they are standing by their accuracy. but, they still have to face the sloppiness of how things were handled, and how it got to this point. wolfff? >> and the impact of millions of folks with real estate and their own homes and the value could go down, and that is why there is so much concern about what is
6:20 pm
happening right now, and it does not just affect those people who have received the foreclosure notices, mary, but it affects the people whose values of the home are in trouble. >> absolutely. and the big worry on the banking slides today is the overall worry of the uncertainty on the housing market, and that has yet to be determined. >> i am worried about that, as i am sure a lot of the viewers are as well. thank you, mary snow. meg whitman has spent a fortune of her own money to become the next governor of california to succeed arnold schwarzenegger. does she plan in the next 2 1/2 weeks to spend more? my interview with meg whitman is coming up. and a cnn investigation, is the army trying to silence a soldier about the killings in afghanistan? from a brutal beating to the response, we have story right here in "the situation room."
6:21 pm
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big debate coming up later. sharron angle the republican candidate in nevada trying to beat senator harry reid. we will have more on that from candy crowley who hosts "state of the nation" on sunday mornings. some polls have her ahead in the majority? >> well, that is worrying them obviously, because any time you have an incumbent like harry reid who is the majority leader, and as you know, sometimes being the leader does not help you, like tom daschle, because people believe you are not representing them back home, and for us, we think the majority leader, but it is not necessarily a good thing back home. he is also the other end of the wave of something that seems to
6:25 pm
be going republican, but when sharron angle became the primary winner, they were looking at this with much more relief than they had before when they thought they had a different opponent that they thought was a more serious opponent, so it shows you the strength of the tea party and the weakness of senator reid, and however, he has had a lot of tough races before, and the under 50% is what bothers them more than anything, and he is below the 50% mark which is never where you want to be as an office holder. >> and the unemployment rate nationally in nevada is 14%, which is the highest in the nation right now. and there are a lot of frustrated angry voters out there. >> yes, the tide is awful. i mean the wind is totally against him at this point, and he is an incumbent in the year of the anti-incumbent and horrible unemployment rate, and people look at him as somebody who helped to usher through the obama agenda which is not popular that much among a number
6:26 pm
of people, and number of voters and so he has a lot of head winds, but they think and believe he has a flawed opponent in sharron angle. they think that she is gaffe prone, and they have as many of the incoumbents have taken some of the tea party candidates and say they are far right, and weird and way out there, and democrats in jean ral believe that i have talked to a number of strategists the voter is not saying i'm angry about this or, that and they have to make a choice. set aside the anger and said it is this person or that person and they believe that when the choice comes up, senator reid will come out of the election. >> and we will see if the tea party supporters can energize the vote out there in nevada and i am sure they will try as much as they can. see you sunday morning. >> okay. it is a deal. she has spent more of her personal fortune on her campaign than any other candidate in history. how much more is she willing to spend? i will ask meg whitman.
6:27 pm
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6:30 pm
substantive issues in the race. explain the apology that jerry brown made about comments someone made on a phone conversation, and using the word whore. listen to this. >> this is a five-week-old private conversation picked up on a cell phone with a garbled transmission and very hard to detect who it is. it is not -- i don't want to get into the term and how it is used, but i will say that the campaign apologized promptly and i affirm that apology tonight. >> you accept his apology? >> you know, i think that californians deserve better than the traditional, you know, politics of slurs and personal attacks. it is not what california is about, but i accept his apology, and i think that californians want to talk about the issues and which candidate is going to be better equipped to jump start the economy and who is going to be able to put the budget back together, and who has the best chance to fix the k-12 public
6:31 pm
education. >> yesterday, you said you would spend another $20 million of your own money the try to get yourself elected a and you have spent $120 million, and how much more are you willing to spend in the final 2 1/2 weeks? >> well, you know what i have tried to do is to invest money so that i can get the message out to california voters so they have a choice in the election. i am up against some very powerful interests in sacramento. over the last five years the unions have poured $300 million into controlling sacramento politics and i am investing money so people know where i stand on the issues and the way forward, we can put the californians back to work and get the state turned around, because the crisis we face out here, wolf, it is among the worst in the nation. >> sarah palin, the vice presidential nominee on the republican side has a big event in california and you are not going to be there and carly fur reno is not going to be there and why did you decide not to join forces with sarah palin in
6:32 pm
california? >> well, we have a whole series of events scheduled for quite some time, and what i need to do is to be out in the communities meeting voters and having them get to know me and the policies to turn around the economy in california, so it did not work out for scheduling. >> any reason that you don't want to be seen with her? >> no, sarah palin has a lot of support of republicans in california. i want everybody to be a part of the campaign. to win it, we have to have democrats and independents and latinos and african-americans, and we have to have everyone a part of the campaign, because if we are going to turn around california, we have to join together and say, you know what, enough is enough. and we will have a different point of view on how to get things done here. >> and let's go through the issues, illegal immigration specifically, and jerry brown, your opponent says this about your position, and listen to what he says. >> that's basically treating people from mexico as semi-serfs
6:33 pm
and bring them in and work them and send them back. i don't think it is human or right. >> and do you support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who play by the rules, study, work hard, wait in line -- do you support a pathway to u.s. citizenship for them? >> you know, i don't support amnesty. here is what i do support is that we have got to get the arms around the illegal immigration question in california around around the country. here is where i stand. i'm not if favor of the arizona law for california. i have said from beginning that is not right for arizona. we have to secure the border. i spent a day on the border between mexico and california and i will tell you that we have not give ten bo-- given the borr patrol agents what they need. and we need a good e-verify system to hold employers accountable, and finally we have to eliminate illegal crossing,
6:34 pm
and have a temporary guest program for certain industries like agriculture and hospitality to have the workforce that we need for california. that is the plan. it is a smart plan. i think it is a balanced plan and i think it will work for california. >> so illegal immigrants could be part of the guest worker program, is that what you are saying? >> absolutely. so if you are a worker who is working in the agricultural or hospitality, sign up for the temporary guest worker program and be here to work legally on a temporary basis and pay taxes and be a part of the system, but it is a temporary guest worker program. >> never allowed to stay permanently and become u.s. citizens? >> you know, certainly my view is, until we can convince americans that we can stop illegal immigration, americans are not ready to talk about anything else. we have the federal government who has failed in their obligation to stop illegal immigration h into this country and prove to americans we can get this done and then take up
6:35 pm
the other issues, but first and foremost, get our arms around an increasing problem. and everybody is concerned about it on both sides of the aisle. >> where is the issue of the illegal housekeeper who worked for you and where does that stand right now? >> well, i think that the good news is that gloria allred circus have left town. and californians know it was a political stunt. i did nothing wrong. we went to an employment agency to hire our housekeeper, and we had three forms of i.d., and she came to us and told us she was illegal and i had to let her go, because of nine years she was a part of our family, but good news is that circus has left town and californians want to talk about how to jump start the economy and how to start bringing jobs back to california and how to continue to own innovation and make sure that our higher education system in california which is the best in the country stays that as opposed to having more and more
6:36 pm
budget cuts which will jeopardize our innovation engine out here. >> but hindsight, should you have gone to authorities and reported this woman after you learned she was illegal? >> i don't think. so you make a judgment call at the time and i didn't want to make an example of nicki, because she had a part of the extended family and we did what we needed to do which was to let her go, and i didn't want to make an example of her. >> and meg whitman wants to be the next governor of california. thanks for coming in. >> thanks, wolf. good to see you. >> we have repeatedly invited jerry brown to come into "the situation room" and do an interview from california, but so far, he has declined all of the requests. jerry brown, so far a no-show, but we will keep asking. and beatings, and murders is what an army soldier says went on in his platoon in afghanistan, but is the army trying to keep it under wraps? we will have more in "the
6:37 pm
situation room." ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪ is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪
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6:39 pm
there are new developments in the case of a disturbing case i must say of a u.s. soldier and several u.s. soldiers accused of killing afghan civilians supposedly for sport. as we continue to dig and dig and dig into the story the u.s. military is trying to clamp down on the information. drew griffin of cnn's "special investigations unit" has the latest. >> reporter: these are pictures obtained by cnn of a u.s. soldier in afghanistan. a soldier who blew the whistle on what the army says was a
6:40 pm
platoon gone rogue. bruises on his back, arms, near his neck, and of private first class justin stoner. bruises received not in combat, but in his bunk. beaten by fellow soldiers who feared stoner was a snitch. jeremy morelock, one of the soldiers now accused of murdering three afghan civilians told investigators in this taped ininterrogation, he was there the day that private stoner was beaten. >> yeah, we walked into the room, and locked the door behind us, and told the guys to start talking to him, just laying on him. you know -- >> what do you mean? >> well, it started with talking, and why would you rat on your guys, and stuff like that, and then that led into someone grabbing him -- >> did he deny it? >> yeah, at first he did. and then he came to and made some comments about how he was
6:41 pm
tired of being a [ muted ] and something like that and then i think someone had grabbed him at the chest or something and he made the statement that hey, you guys can sit here and punch me all day, and once that was made, gibbs threw him off of his cot and threw him on the ground the room, and got a few licks in. >> reporter: they said he was high on hashish and high when the attacks happened. the sergeant said those tattoos on the leg were the alleged killed and he is the supposedly ring leaders. others in the platoon say they believed he was a rat and talk about what was going on at the
6:42 pm
base, and at least seven members of the rogue platoon entered his tent on may 10th, as stoner sketches for the investigators and then according to the stoner's statement they stomped, kicked and punched me everywhere on my body. last week he agreed to talk again, to cnn in and on-camera interview, but three hours before that interview was to take place, south of seattle, cnn received this e-mail from private stoner's military attorney. about two hours ago, prosecutors and i met regarding the disposition of the case against pfc stoner the attorney writes, and based on this meeting, pfc stoner will be given full immunity in the case and not prosecuted for any allegations made against him contingent, also, however, on staying away from media. with that, the interview was canceled. the military which had not
6:43 pm
charged stoner with any crime was threatening to bringing charges against him and then offered him a deal as long as he didn't go public. the u.s. army appears to be trying to limit further damage by this rogue platoon. the evidence includes damning photographs and those who have seen them tell cnn they show soldiers posing with dead afghans like hunting trophies, and worse we are told than the disastrous photos taken by jailers in iraq's abu ghraib prison. this military directive sent to defense attorneys says that all photos be immediately turned to the criminal investigation unit at fort lewis, and jeff morrel refused to speculate on the case. >> i don't want to do anything to jeopardize the prosecution or the ability of the defendants in this case to get a fair trial. >> reporter: so for now, the army is working hard to contain witnesses and contain evidence all in an effort to control the story of a platoon even the army
6:44 pm
says was out of control. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. after seeing a portion of drew's story on earlier today, the army released this statement, and let me read it to you. discussing pfc stoner's direct involvement in the hearings is inappropriate and could affect the outcome of the cases. it is imperative that we follow the judicial process in order to provide the accused a fair and impartial trial while at the same time serve justice. pfc stoner is currently not charged in these matters nor has he been granted immunity by the intervening authority for his cooperation in the investigations, and that statement was just released by the u.s. army. he was accidentally shot by dick cheney and then the vice president of the state, and he has the pellets in the throat and hairline and he says why he wants to move on right now. and whoopi goldberg and joy behar storm off of "the view"
6:45 pm
right in the middle. what happened? we will tell you. [ female announcer ] sears days start friday! get fall's lowest prices in every department. find lowest prices for your yard and home. and lowest prices on fall's hottest styles. plus an instant $10 off your apparel purchase. lowest prices are here! sears. one month, five years after you do retire? ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions.
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all right. this is coming in from our sister network, cnn chile and they are reporting the names of the three miners, lee of the 33, the first three who will be released from the hospital in the coming hours. let me tell you who they are. carlos mamami, and claudio yanez and samuel ave loalos are the t to be released. the others have minor, minor ailments or injuries and we
6:48 pm
expect all of them to be released soon. good news. we are getting this from white house the statement that the president called the president of chile, president pinera to say this, and earlier today president obama called the chilean president to congratulate him on the historic rescue of the 33 miners trappe for 70 days. the president express ed gratitude for the miners who inspired the world. the chilean president expressed thanks for the american companies who provided support and help for the rescue. that statement just released. fredricka whitfield is monitoring other top stories in the situation room. can you top that, fred? >> no, i can't. end of story. all right. we do have other things that are equal significance, and some
6:49 pm
fiery words from mahmoud ahmadinejad in southern lebanon, and right on the israel's doorstep he said that the zionist should disappear and praised hezbollah for the resistance in the 2006 war with riz reel saying it will serve as a model for others in the rejune. it has been five years since then vice president dick cheney accidentally shot texas attorney harry wittington in a hunting trip. wittington still bears the slight scars where the pellets were lodged in his face. and now he is talking about what happened and he tells the "washington post" that all he remembers is the smell of burning powder before burning out. he adds that he is feeling lucky for everyday that he is alive right now, and he just simply wants to mo on. and this highly anticipated story and event, the fireworks flew when bill o'reilly appeared
6:50 pm
on the "view" today and it starred when o'reilly blamed muslims for the 9/11 attack. >> what are you talking about! >> they are responsible for 9/11. >> oh, my god! >> muslims didn't kill us on 9/11. >> extremist. excuse me. >> extremists -- >> what religion was -- >> mr. mcveigh was an extremist and he called -- >> listen. 70% of the country -- >> i don't want to sit here now. >> oh, boy. so, after the standing up of joy behar, whoopi goldberg joined and they both stormed off the show. they might get a scolding from barbara walters there. on air she should they should not have walked off but should have continued the discussion instead. fiery moments understatement of the day. >> yeah. i was watching "the view." they came back, whoopi and joy behar after barbara scolded them
6:51 pm
on the air. they came back and continued the conversation. but it was lively. thanks. how do you think your children's lives will compare to your own? jaf cafferty is next. right now, all over the country discover customers are getting five percent cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover.
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6:54 pm
let's get right to jack. jack? >> the question this hour is how do you think your children's lives will compare to your own? ann any writes 35 years ago we decided tontd have children and i've never been so sure of that decision as i am today. if the trend continues, the u.s. will one day be a third world country with inadequate health care, inadequate nutrition and jobs that must compete with low wage workers in other nird world countries. tent cities will be common. karen writes, my kids are all lucky to be employed but none have jobs utilizing their college training and all are working for low salaries. two have moved home for financial reasons. there is, i think, no more american dream. we're all living paycheck to paycheck. our son's a senior. he's already eclipsed us in many ways. he plans to do better
6:55 pm
financially, too. with a little luck and a lot of hard work, we hope so. mary in arizona, my children are now grown men and women. my fear is not for them. my fear is for their children. and their children's children. and for america's children. the day a worker in indiana is willing to work for the same wages paid to a worker in indiana is the day the american dream will be buried. it's already on life support. is there a doctor in the house? deanna writes, my kids have the opportunity to take these difficult times and trials and become better people because of them. they may learn how to better handle and budget money because they have such a reality that saving and spending is an important life skill. donna writes the same question was asked after the sdpeegs, and i remember the hard times in the '70s. the fact is, we'll go on. we always do. because the american spirit is strong. this too shall pass. alex writes, in this economy, who can afford to have kids? if you want to read more, you'll find it on my blog,
6:56 pm wait until you find out just how long a happy meal can last. >> you don't want to do that. >> i couldn't
6:57 pm
it's the burger that time forgot. cnn's jeanne moos serves up this most unusual story. >> reporter: doesn't mcdonald's happy meal have a happy ending. >> astonishing refusal to decompose. >> reporter: a new york city photographer made headlines with her happy meal project.
6:58 pm
sally davies says she bought a happy meal, kept it on this shelf in her apartment and photographed it. every few days for six months. there's day one. there's day 180. no mold, or as one newspaper asked, you want flies with that? >> that's the burger. >> reporter: no smell, though still a slightly greasy field. the biggest structural change took place between day 42 and day 49. when a section of the upper bun broke off. but the lack of decomposition had folks freaked out. oh, that's really disturbing. some accused sally of falsifying the photo. >> why would i lie? why would i do this? i'm not getting paid to do this. >> reporter: she started the project to prove a point to a friend, but what does it prove? as a food scientist, what does this experiment tell you, anything? >> nothing much. >> reporter: food signist says it's just dehydrated food.
6:59 pm
>> if you took a steak home and cooked it and then forgot about it, you'd get something similar like this. >> you don't mind i'm touching it a little? >> reporter: how about the bun? regular bread gets moldy. >> yeah, but the burger buns are different because they're made to be lower moisture content because they have to be tougher. >> reporter: the doctor has no connection to mcdonald's but the company made the same argument. if food is/or becomes dry enough it won't grow mold or bacteria. how many people keep old fast food -- >> this is going on four years old and it's aging better than me. >> reporter: one guy even has a burger museum dating back more than 20 years. >> the world's first immortal hamburger. >> reporter: morgan did a similar experiment when he made "super size me," eventually a big mac in a jar got moldy but after ten weeks the fries looked the same. >> when is wrong with that? >> reporter: compared to


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